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Paleblue Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries

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Built for adventure, perfect for home.

We took the charger off the wall and put it into the battery. This offers better performance, reliability, convenience, and ease of use.

Our onboard Battery Management System handles charging and safety, allowing us to offer industry-leading charge times.

Millions of Paleblue batteries are in the wild. From human-powered cross-ocean adventures, to film sets, concert venues, and homes, they're displacing the need for hundreds of millions of disposable batteries.

Power everyday devices in a sustainable way with Paleblue’s lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. You may ask how these batteries are better than traditional rechargeable batteries:

  • Charging speed – These batteries can be fully charged in 1 hour compared to overnight with traditional NiMH batteries.
  • USB-C Charge Port – Plug in any USB-C cable to charge up to four batteries at once.
  • Built-In LED Charging Indicator – Lets you know when fully charged.
  • On-Board Smart Technology – Provides safe charging. No more batteries ruining expensive electronic devices.
  • Improved battery Life - Paleblue batteries last for 1000+ Charge cycles. Traditional NiMH batteries only last about 500 cycles.



  • Why should I consider Paleblue when I can just buy cheap alkaline batteries in bulk?
    • Every battery you buy needs to be produced, shipped, stored, sold and disposed of. We believe this is a huge waste of the world's resources and creates unnecessary waste and carbon footprint. By using one Paleblue, you can displace the need for 1000 batteries. This will save a lot of resources, and will also save you a lot of money over time.
  • Can they be recycled?
    • Yes. Please ask your recycling center where to put these. They may not want them mixed in with the other dry cells.

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