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Welcome to the Cavalier Computers Lenovo Portal!

The Cavlier Computers Lenovo Store includes educationally priced computers, servers, software & peripherals. Perfect for individual purchases or for departments not participating in DCI. Pay via credit card, payroll deduction, or FDM Worktag.


  • Click on the Cavalier Computers Lenovo Store button (below)
  • Create an online account, if you do not already have one (this is separate from any existing Cavalier Computers account that you may have)
  • If creating a new account, select Create An Account. On the registration page, select the following:
    • Cavalier Computers Lenovo Shopper for level of access
    • Builder for your role
  • Enter your email address, name and create your password as instructed Click on Create My Account
  • You should now be able to log into the Cavalier Computer Lenovo Shopper Page

Shop the Lenovo site

  • Click Products to shop for computers or Accessories & Upgrades to shop a full range of technology categories
  • Add products to your cart and continue through the Lenovo Order Process
  • Once you get your cart proceed to the checkout page by selecting Lenovo Checkout
  • Be sure to enter your shipping address (for departmental delivery only) and your contact information and continue
  • On the Payment Method page under Other Information enter your FDM Worktag in the “Purchase Order Number” box if you are purchasing via FDM Worktag. If you are purchsaing via credit card, simply type “Credit Card”. Do not enter your credit card number at this time. We will collect that information at the time of pickup. If you are paying via Employee Payroll Deduction enter “EPP – Your employee ID number”.
  • Be sure to update your billing information and continue
  • Verify your order and information is correct and this check Lenovo’s Terms and Conditions box and select Cavalier Computers/cavcomp-dept2@virginia.edu as the approver. Click Send For Approval
  • Your order is sent to Cavalier Computers for processing, print or save your order confirmation page. We will contact once your order is available or if we have any further questions.

Cavalier Computers Lenovo Store