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**Existing Adobe VIP Customers
If you are an existing Adobe VIP Customer and your are looking to add licenses to your account, please click the link below to proceed with your order.
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**New Adobe VIP Customers
If you do not currently have an Adobe VIP account or would like to add a new VIP account, please see the information below and complete the form to begin the process to create your new Adobe VIP Account.

What is the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP)?

VIP is the subscription-based licensing program that gives UVa departmental users access to Creative Cloud applications for design, web, video, and photography - all right on the desktop.

What are the advantages of Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP)?

Gain fast, easy access
It's simple to sign up through Cavalier Computers and provide your faculty and staff easy access to the latest creative apps and services.

Buy only what you need
You can purchase the complete set of creative apps or just a single one, with or without services. To support institutions of all sizes, VIP has no minimum purchase requirement.

License an individual or a computer
Named-user licenses provide individuals access to creative apps on an institution-owned computer, while device licenses are perfect for your classroom, computer lab, or training environment.

Always up to date
Licenses include updates to Creative Cloud apps as soon as they’re released, so your faculty and staff will always have the latest creative tools and features. You decide when to deploy these updates to match your academic requirements.

What software is available?

Download the Departmental Offering PDF file to see the latest offerings from Adobe Creative Cloud.

How do named user and device licenses in the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) differ?

Named-user licensing

  • Licenses for each individual user on their institutional computer with rights to install on two computers, one for work and one for home use
  • Choice of complete set of Creative Cloud applications or single-app option
  • Online services and storage included

Device licensing

  • Licenses for each computer, rather than each user, with rights to install on one computer per license
  • Only complete set of Creative Cloud applications
  • Online services and storage not included

How do departments place orders for Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP)?

Step one
The department selects a person to be the in-department point of contact for Adobe licenses. This person will have access to serial numbers and download files for all VIP subscriptions for the department via the Adobe Admin Console. This person visits this webpage to complete the VIP Enrollment Form below and request a quote.

Step two
Cavalier Computers enrolls department in Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP). Adobe emails departmental contact for confirmation of participation.

Step three
Adobe emails both the department and Cavalier Computers a Welcome to Adobe Value Incentive Program (VIP) message and provides VIP number. The VIP number is 20 character alpha-numeric “order number” and replaces the “Deploy to ID” that is utilized in Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) order fulfillment.

Step four
The department may use the Adobe Admin Console to add named user licenses or ask Cavalier Computers for a quote or order of licenses. Device licenses may not be ordered via the Adobe Admin Console, at this time, and must be ordered from Cavalier Computers.

Step five
Named user licenses added by the department are available for immediate use. Device license orders take approximately 3 to 5 business days for fulfillment, as an email sent directly to the departmental contact.

Can departments add licenses to existing Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) number?

Yes, but note that subscription terms are one year, so Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) licenses added afterward will be pro-rated in price and be up for renewal at the same time as the original subscription.

Departments may opt to keep Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) purchases separate rather than joined to existing deployments. A new Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) enrollment and number must be created for all orders that will in effect be “new” orders.

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